Singapore Women Artists Exhibition 新加坡女艺术家美展: Magnificence Once More

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Singapore Women Artists Exhibition Hall

Singapore Women Artists Exhibition, Magnificence Once More 新加坡女艺术家美展: 再现风华, was held in conjunction with International Women’s Day this year. 

This is the 5th art exhibition organised by the Federation of Art Societies, where Singapore women artists take centre stage in the area of visual arts.

118 female artists in Singapore participated in this exhibition, with works in photography and sculpture, Chinese calligraphy, and paintings in the various mediums of acrylic, watercolour, oil, and Chinese ink.

The 124 art pieces showed the wide range and talents of our local women artists.

Painting by Georgette Chen

The most famous female artist in Singapore is undoubtedly pioneer artist Georgette Chen.  

Born in China, she taught at Singapore's oldest art school, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) between 1954 and 1981.  She was awarded the Cultural Medallion, Singapore's most prestigious arts award, in 1982. 

Amongst the second generation Nanyang artists, Chen Cheng Mei is one of the few outstanding female artists.  

Born in Singapore, she graduated from NAFA in 1954.  She travelled widely to paint, going to places that were not common for Singapore artists such as Papua New Guinea and Africa. 

Painting by Singapore artist Chen Cheng Mei

The number of women artists in Singapore has definitely grown as Singapore develops as a country, where education and opportunities become equally available and society’s mindset changes. 

Whether it is a professional artist or a Sunday painter, we hope to see more women in Singapore take up the brush and revel in the joys of painting. 

“Singapore Women Artists Exhibition: Magnificence Once More 新加坡女艺术家美展: 再现风华” art exhibition organized by the Federation of Art Societies 新加坡美术总会  ran from 5 – 9 March 2022 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in Singapore.

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