Flowers in a Blue Vase

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This painting is part of a series of still life paintings of flowers in vases.  Each of the painting features different types of flowers in different coloured vases against a coloured background. 

The flowers in the Flowers in a Blue Vase are the most colourful in the series.  What stands out in this painting is the neon like blue coloured vase, which catches one's attention immediately.

Still life paintings have a staid and quiet charm, and still life paintings of flowers add an element of vibrancy to any home. 

Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Board
Year: 2002
Dimensions with frame: 38 x 54cm


Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven't time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time. - Georgia O'Keeffe