Art Exhibitions at the Gallery

Art exhibitions at the gallery are held at ARTualize.  Message 96385958 or email to make an appointment for viewing.  See you soon!


Art Exhibitions in 2024




Beauty on Rice Paper


In conjunction with Singapore Art Week and in collaboration with the galleries at Oxley Arts Hub, Beauty on Rice Paper presents the allure of rice paper in different mediums, with Low Hai Hong's distinctive oil on rice paper series. 


Art Exhibitions in 2023


 Oil painting of a lotus pond in autumn

Landscapes with Love

May to July 

Singapore artist Low Hai Hong painted his "Landscapes with Love", whether it is the poetic scenery in China, the rustic scenes from Malaysia or the nostalgic settings in Indonesia. 


Oil painting of a cafe in Paris

Paris in Impressionism

January to March

"Paris in Impressionism" features Low Hai Hong's charming oil on canvas paintings of Paris, the capital of romance. 


Art Exhibitions in 2022


Pastel portrait of an Indian lady from Singapore

Singapore in Pastel

August - October 

An artist once said, to know an artist's skill, look at his portrait paintings.  "Singapore in Pastel" showcases Low Hai Hong's pastel paintings, with special focus on his portrait paintings. 

View the works here.


Oil painting of the River Seine in Impressionism


March - June

"Impressionism" showcases the breathtaking oil on canvas paintings of Low Hai Hong's Paris and Shanghai. 


 Portrait painting of a Balinese lady in pastel

Nanyang in Pastel

January - February

In conduction with Singapore Art Week, "Nanyang in Pastel" features Low Hai Hong's pastel paintings. Nanyang refers to the Southern Seas and in Singapore's art history, it generally refers to the areas of Singapore, Malaysia and Bali. 


Art Exhibitions in 2021  


Oil painting of Padang in Singapore

This is My Country

July - August

Celebrate National Day with Low Hai Hong's oil on paper paintings of Singapore, with the iconic Padang and Old Supreme Court Building, Chinatown and Singapore River. 

View the works here.


Pastel painting of Bali

Bali in Pastel

May - June

"Bali in Pastel" features Low Hai Hong's pastel paintings of Bali. You will be amazed at the neon green, bright orange, dazzling blue in his pastel paintings, that make traditional and cultural Bali look contemporary and pop.


Oil painting of smooth sailing

Smooth Sailing

March - April

"Smooth Sailing" features oil paintings of the iconic bum boats on the Singapore River, the struggles of fishermen in the East Coast of Malaysia and the fishing village of Pualu Ketam in Malaysia. Let's set sail!

View the works here.


Oil paintings of a Spring Rhapsody

Spring Rhapsody

January - February

"Spring Rhapsody" is a collection of oil on paper paintings of blooms by Singapore artist Low Hai Hong.  It's the season of new beginnings and love!

View the works here.


Art Exhibitions in 2020

Oil painting of a Singapore artist in Paris

A Singapore Artist in Paris

November - December

Singapore artist Low Hai Hong spent six months in Paris under a NAFA residency programme in 2001.  "A Singapore Artist in Paris" showcases 20 of the oil on Chinese rice paper paintings he painted during his time there. 

View the works here.

Oil painting of a new chapter

A New Chapter


Our first exhibtion at our new art gallery! Featuring oil on canvas paintings by Singapore artist Low Hai Hong, "A New Chapter" is a milestone that will kick start ARTualize's long and meaningful journey in art. 


Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life. - John Lubbock