Mindfulness with Paintings

Mindfulness with Paintings is part of the Slow Art Movement, which aims to help people discover the joy of paintings through slow and mindful looking.

Studies have shown that most visitors to the art museums spend about 2 seconds to look at one painting.  That is even shorter than a goldfish's memory of 3 seconds!

It is no wonder that most of us conclude that art is hard to understand.  Well, what can we hope to achieve with a cursory glance?

This is not just about art, it is also true for most things in life.  

Why do we need to be mindful?

We can only truly appreciate something when we spend time with it slowly and mindfully.  

It is not just about being physically there for hours.  It is about being really there mentally too, not having a thousand and one other thoughts at the same time. 

When we are mindful and we spend time, for something or someone, we maximise the experience for ourselves, realizing the best of what could have been. 

And the person whom we have mindfully spent time with, will never forget the experience too, making it a win-win for everyone.

Mindfulness with Paintings aims to help us to learn how to spend time mindfully with paintings, so that we can realize the benefits of art and mindfulness. 

And hopefully, we can also extend this learning to other aspects of our lives, especially when we are with our loved ones.

What is Mindfulness with Paintings?

Mindfulness with Paintings is a 1.5hour session incorporating mindfulness techniques with the slow art approach and it has three parts: 

(A) Concept

Introduce mindfulness and basic mindfulness techniques. 

Note: this is not a full pledged mindfulness course and there is no meditation.

(B) Practice

Look at selected paintings slowly and mindfully (at least 1 minute for each painting!). 

(C) Discussion

Reflect upon the experience and realize how different paintings (and for the matter, life in general) feel, when we are mindful and when we take our time to slowly savour.

Sessions are held every Saturday 1.30pm to 3pm at the art gallery at S$18 per participant.  

The paintings in the art gallery are refreshed every two months.  Check out Current Exhibition to know more about the paintings that will be discussed in the session. 

How to experience mindfulness with paintings? 

Mindfulness with Paintings will transform the way you see and engage with paintings, and more importantly, yourself.

Try it and experience something new, profound and transformative today!

Drop us an email at hello@artualize.com.sg to register for the next session. 

Corporate or group sessions can be arranged.

See you soon!


Mindfulness with Paintings is part of the Slow Art Movement, which aims to help people discover the joy of looking at paintings through slow and mindful looking.  ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that conducts mindfulness with paintings sessions with tips on mindfulness and art appreciation. This is a painting of a lady sitting on a chair, reading a book.  She is deep in her reading, glowing under the light shining above her.