NAFA Alumni Association 南洋美专校友会: Heritage and Innovation

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NAFA Alumni Association Exhibition Opening

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Alumni Association was formed in 1974.  

The Association was formed in response to a crisis to save their alma mater NAFA when it ran into financial difficulties.  

The founding members were a passionate group of graduates from NAFA, who dearly loved their school, their principals (Lim Hak Tai and Lim Yew Kuan), and their teachers (such as Georgette Chen). 

Many of its members have since become prominent artists in Singapore’s art scene, including several Cultural Medallion winners. 

It has been the tradition of the Association to hold an art exhibition every year, to encourage members to work on their art and showcase their year’s efforts to their fellow artists. 

Exhibition opening

“NAFA Alumni Association 46th Anniversary Exhibition: Inheritance and Innovation 南洋美专校友会第46届常年美展:传承与创新” art exhibition is a special one, with a new President, Dr Lim Poh Teck, taking over the reins from the founding members and signalling the start of a new era for the Association.

Showcasing almost a hundred Singapore artists, the exhibition has a special section devoted to members who have passed on in the last two years.  

It is a touching tribute, as the pandemic has prevented many members from proper farewells to their old friends. 

Singapore artist Lee See Sin's oil painting

It is also a poignant reminder of the inevitable changes that is needed in the Association, with older members disappearing and younger members stepping up.

Dr Lim has inherited an Association with members who are a part of Singapore’s art history.  It is now on his shoulders and the younger members to innovate the Association and forge their own path ahead. 

May 2022 be the start of new, and great, beginnings for all.  

“NAFA Alumni Association 46th Anniversary Exhibition: Inheritance and Innovation 南洋美专校友会第46届常年美展:传承与创新” art exhibition was held from 23-26 December 2021 at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in Singapore. 

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