Art Appreciation with Slow Art Workshop

Art Appreciation with Slow Art Workshop will help you to answer the question: I don't know how to appreciate art!


 Art appreciation with slow art workshop in progress

What is Art Appreciation


Everyone can appreciate art.  It is inbuilt in us.  All of us can appreciate what is beautiful.  And yet so many of us claim that we do not know how to appreciate art.  Why is this so?


The main reason, we suspect, is that most of us have no confidence in our ability to appreciate art.  Art has become so intellectual and expensive that we become intimidated, because we do not understand what is happening.  


This commercial and theoretical part of art is only one facade of art, the "thinking" side of art.  We forget about the more important part of art, the "feeling" side.

Art, visual arts, is meant to be seen and felt.  Direct from eyes to heart.

What you see in the painting and what you feel from the painting is art appreciation.  Your appreciation of that art piece. 

There is no "correct" answer in art appreciation, that we are so worried that we cannot get.  Nobody, even the artist, can say you are "wrong" in your appreciation of the painting because, it is what you feel.  

Well, who can say what you feel is wrong?


Lady looking closely at an oil painting at ARTualize art gallery in Singapore. 


What is Slow Art


Studies have shown that most visitors to the art museums spend about 2 seconds to look at one painting.  That is even shorter than a goldfish's memory of 3 seconds!


It is no wonder that most of us conclude that art is hard to understand.  What can we hope to achieve with a cursory glance?


This is not just about art, it is also true for most things in life.  We need to give time and attention, to appreciate and enjoy what we want.


Slow art is a global movement that aims to help more people discover the joy of art by looking at art slowly.


Only by spending time with a painting, by looking at it slowly, by reflecting what you have seen, can you truly "see" and appreciate the painting. 



Two ladies looking at paintings at the art appreciation with slow art corporate workshop. 

About the Workshop


The Art Appreciation with Slow Art Workshop will help you:


1. Learn how to look at paintings 

A structured process of looking - from near to far, from lines to colours


2. Learn how to appreciate art

A three step framework of appreciation - what you see, what you know, what you feel


3. Learn how to slowly enjoy art 

A hands on practice session - look at a painting for 10mins  


Other details

Duration: 1.5hour

Venue: ARTualize art gallery

Fees: $15 per person, free for children below 12 years old and seniors above 65 years old

Time: 1.30 to 3pm

Booking: Email or WhatsApp 96385958

Next session: Saturday 2 July 2022


Corporate Art Appreciation with Slow Art Workshop


These sessions are highly suitable for team building as discussions about the paintings will lead the team to realise how different people are and how judgements and assumptions affect the team. 


Drop us an email at to find out more.