Singapore Art Society 新加坡艺术协会: Living with the Pandemic

Sok Leng Sok Leng
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Singapore Art Society's Living with the Pandemic art exhibition

Society Art Society's "Living with the Pandemic – The Beauty of our Lion City 与疫共存 - 狮城美景面面观" art exhibition reflects what Singapore is doing, two years into the Covid-19 pandemic. 


The pandemic has not ended, but it has already taught us many lessons.  We learn that isolation creates mental stress and art provides healing. 


It has also made us, and the artists, realise that Singapore has plenty of beautiful and interesting places to discover, and paint. There is no need to step out of the country; we can find inspiration and beauty from our Lion City too.


The artists from the Singapore Art Society show us the way, with this exhibition of the places of Singapore.

Singapore artist Kevin Tan Ngee Chye's acrylic painting titled City Lights


Kevin Tan Ngee Chye reminds us of Singapore’s stunning skyline in the night, with this 2022 acrylic painting titled “City Lights”. 


The numerous small white lights inside the office buildings and the yellow lights that flood the streets illuminate the sky in a magical bluish-purple and cast dark green reflections onto the waters at Marina Bay. 


Singapore artist Teo Lay Hua's oil painting titled Shores of Pulau Ubin

Teo Lay Hua refreshes our memories of Pulau Ubin in her oil painting titled “Shores of Pulau Ubin” painted in 2022. 


Quaint zinc roof houses on stilts, coconut trees swaying in the wind, gentle waves beating onto the shore, the Pulau Ubin here is laid back and relaxed, a perfect gateway for us holiday starved Singaporeans. 


Singapore artist Ang Leng Yong's oil painting titled Little India.

Ang Leng Yong’s oil painting of “Little India” in 2021 records Singapore during the height of the pandemic.


The ubiquitous delivery guys, the rise of bicycles, the quiet and deserted streets, the wearing of masks – something that all of us can relate to, something that has now become part of history. 


Living with the pandemic has not been easy – it was stressful and suffocating at times.  But it also created the chance for us to discover new insights into ourselves, our relationships and our beautiful Lion City.


"Singapore Art Society: Living with the Pandemic - The Beauty of our Lion City 新加坡艺术协会: 与疫共存 - 狮城美景面面观" art exhibtion was held from 22 - 24 April 2022 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in Singapore.

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