Team Bonding with Art

Team Bonding with Art


"Team Bonding with Art" is the first-of-its-kind team bonding event in Singapore!


The power of art


Art enables you to find yourself and understand others.  "Team Bonding with Art" uses this #powerofart to help you build stronger relationships with your colleagues. 


When you share your thoughts and feelings from looking at a painting, you create natural conversations and connect with each other in a deeper manner. 


Instead of questions such as "What do you do in your free time?", conversations will flow from "I like this painting because it reminds me of my childhood."  In this way, you can learn about each other's personal stories and understand your team mates's unique personalities so that you can relate to each other better. 


Most important of all, the sharing will open your eyes to how all of us are different, and how our assumptions and judgements will negatively affect each other.  You will also realize the many possibilities that can be drawn from having multiple view points from different people. 


So, let the power of art work its magic for you!


But I don't know anything about art


Don't worry!  There will be a simple introduction on how to look at paintings at the beginning of the session so that everyone will be equipped with a few tips.


Also, no drawing is involved!  You just need to look at the paintings and share your thoughts and feelings about them - nothing technical, fancy or arty. 


So, you don't need to know anything about art to join. In fact, you will leave the session with some knowledge of art!



How it works


"Team Bonding with Art" is a two hour session, which can be extended if your company wants to include your own sharing sessions. 


The session is held at the art gallery that has plenty of paintings from our local artists and is facilitated by our experienced gallery manager.  


We will start with a brief talk on "How to look at paintings" before we progress to a short tour of the paintings, and the next segment of know-each-other-better as you share your thoughts and feelings of the paintings in small groups. 


The session will conclude with a closing, where you share new insights gained of yourself and your colleagues. 


What to expect


Team bonding is the process of strengthening relationships between team members.  


Through the exercises of looking at art together and sharing each other's thoughts, your colleagues can create deeper connections with each other by understanding each other's strengths, weakness and interests. 


Furthermore, immersing in art can help to spark creativity and inspire solutions for work related projects. 


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"Team Bonding with Art" is not just a session to build closer relationships with your colleagues.  It is also an opportunity to experience art as a source of personal wellness and mental wellbeing. 


Suitable for groups of 10-20pax at $20 per pax, sign up now for an intuitive and unique experience for your team!


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You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. - George Bernard Shaw