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This is my Country

Art exhibtion in Singapore 2021 Jul/Aug

It is National Day!  We celebrate Singapore in this exhibition of oil paintings of various landmarks in Singapore by Singapore artist Low Hai Hong. 

The Singapore River and Chinatown are iconic landmarks immortalised in many paintings by local artists as they were, and remain highly popular painting "hotspots" with artists in Singapore. 

Low Hai Hong had his own favourite parts of Singapore too - the area around the Padang from Connaught Drive to Fullerton Hotel.

The old Sungei Road Thieves Market which is no longer in existence, the flora of Singapore from the Chinese Garden to Botanic Gardens, the boats at Changi End.

Come down and explore Singapore through time and place with this exhibition!

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

 Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that represents Singapore artist Low Hai Hong. This is an oil on paper painting of the Padang in Singapore.