Current Exhibition

Smooth Sailing 

Art exhibtion in Singapore 2021 Mar/Apr

Low Hai Hong had never gone sailing or yachting or boating in his life, but he was always keen to paint the boats he saw.  Perhaps it was the sea that attracted him and the boats were the accessories.  Or maybe it was the lives of the people living on and with the boats that fascinated him.  

Featuring oil paintings of the iconic bum boats on the Singapore River, the struggles of fishermen in the East Coast of Malaysia, the busy ports in Jakarta and the fishing village of Pulau Ketam in Malaysia, Smooth Sailing will bring you out to the high seas!

Come to our gallery and let's set sail together!

Art Exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that represents Singapore artist Low Hai Hong.  Featuring the fishing village of Pulau Ketam in Malaysia, a small boat is moving in the river surrounded by wooded houses built on stilts.  It is sunset and the boat, house on stilts and river are showered in red and yellow.