Art gallery in Singapore
Art gallery in Singapore

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Slow Art Day 2022

Slow Art Day 2022

In conjunction with Slow Art Day 2022, our Mindfulness with Paintings sessions on 2 April 2022 will be free. Sign up now and experience something special!

Art Exhibition in Singapore

March to April 2022


What is Impressionism? Learn and experience Impressionism, right here in Singapore.

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Art Gallery in Singapore

ARTualize is an art gallery in Singapore. Our mission is to help Singaporeans realise the power of art for themselves, by making art accessible to all through art appreciation and art rental.

Singapore Artists

As an art gallery in Singapore, we want to create an eco-system that can support our Singapore artists, whose artworks include oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolour paintings, pastel paintings, Chinese ink paintings, Chinese calligraphy, sculptures, digital art and NFT.

Art Rental

ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that offers art rental to individuals for their homes. By renting original fine art paintings for their homes, we hope that everyone can experience art in their homes easily and affordably.

Art Appreciation

To help everyone enjoy art, we have art appreciation programs from Facebook live chat with local artists, art exhibtion review blog posts, to art appreciation courses. ARTualize is also the first art gallery in Singapore to run Mindfulness with Paintings sessions.