Guardian Lion 石狮

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In this stunning painting of the Imperial Guardian Lion at Beijing's Forbidden City, renowned Singapore artist Low Hai Hong wanted to focus only on the majestic stone lion.


Hence the whole painting is represented by only three main groups of colours. 


The interiors of the palace are reduced to shades of red, the stone stairs are reduced to shades of white, leaving the guardian lion to stand out regally in golden yellow.


The intricate details of the stone lion, particularly the head and the paws, are brought out with deft brushstrokes and superb application of tones, creating an indescribable sense of awe that draws us to it.


Traditionally placed in pairs in front of buildings such as the Imperial Palace, the male lion is identified with a ball under its claws while the female lion has a cub at its feet.  


Symbolically, the male lion guards the building while the female lion guards the people within the building.


Low Hai Hong has chosen to paint the female lion, the protector of life. 


The subject in this painting may be centuries old, but the interpretation is contemporary, and equally mesmerising.  


Title: Guardian Lion石狮
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2017
Dimensions: 49 x 59 cm

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