Lyon Station

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Lyon Station is an oil painting of Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris by renowned Singapore artist Low Hai Hong

Gare de Lyon is the second busiest railway station in France.  Built in 1847, it is a classic example of the architecture in its time, with a clock tower at one corner of the station.  


Located on the right bank of the River Seine, it was not far from Low Hai Hong's residency studio during his five months stay in Paris.  


He visited the station frequently, not to take the train, but to take in the beauty of this centuries old building, and paint it on the canvas. 


As Emile Zola said of Claude Monet's impressionist paintings of Gare Saint-Lazare station, "that is where painting is today...our artists have to find the poetry in train station, the way their fathers found the poetry in forests and rivers."


Deviating from his usual colour palette, the colours in this painting have an unusual light pastel feel, with a tinge of underlying rosy pink.


The sky and clouds in particular, is a skilful blending of colour and light, created by swirls of brushstrokes.


The poetry at Lyon Station is comforting, and charming.



Title: Lyon Station
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2002
Dimensions: 62 x 46 cm

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When I think of art I think of beauty.  Beauty is the mystery of life.  It is not in the eye, it is in the mind. - Agnes Martin