Promontory @ Marina Bay

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The Promontory @ Marina Bay is located at the Marina Bay in central Singapore.


It is part of the 3.35km waterfront promenade that stretches from Clifford Pier to Marina City Park. 


In this painting by noted Singapore artist Low Hai Hong, the lights on the underside of the Promontory shines onto the waters in the Marina Bay.  


The water movements are captured with a medley of brushstrokes and a myriad of colours, especially the different shades of blue. 


Title: Promontory @ Marina Bay
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Chinese Rice Paper 
Year: 2014
Dimensions (with frame): 60cm x 70cm
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Public Viewing


This painting has been exhibited in public only once, in:


"A Tale of Two Rivers - a solo art exhibition by Low Hai Hong" was held at The Fullerton Heritage Gallery, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore from 30 May to 30 July 2014.


The exhibition showcased Low Hai Hong's 18 oil on Chinese rice paper paintings that captured the cityscape along the two rivers that he painted most in his artistic journey, the Singapore River in Singapore and the River Seine in Paris, France.


In an interview with the Business Times for the exhibition, he described how he paints oil on Chinese rice paper, an unusual medium for most artists:


"I apply layer on layer on the paper for the effect that I want."  He prefers to "mix" the colours on the paper itself than on a palette as he would have if he  was painting on canvas. 


While the Singapore River has Promontory @ Marina Bay, the River Seine in Paris has The Glistening Bridge.



A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people - Edgar Degas