Clifford Pier

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Clifford Pier is a former pier located at the Marina Bay in central Singapore.

This painting gives us a close up of the Clifford Pier in Marina Bay, as compared to a similar view that is presented in the other painting, “Reflections at Marina Bay”.

Clifford Pier stands out in the shades of blue of the buildings behind it and the bay in front of it. 

The painting’s underlying nostalgia comes from how the eighty year old Clifford Pier has stood firm, in spite of all the major changes in its surroundings over these years.

Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Chinese Rice Paper
Year: 2013
Dimensions: 60cm x 70cm
Price: $1,800
Art Rental: 1%


Without art, our life would be poor, dull and unemotional, and it could bring about erosion of the human soul - Valentin Okorokov