Old Supreme Court Building with Padang (1988)

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Old Supreme Court Building with Padang is the site of many National Day Parades in Singapore.


The Story of the Old Supreme Court Building 


The Old Supreme Court Building was the courthouse of the Supreme Court of Singapore from 1939 to 2005.  


Designed by the chief architect of the Public Works Department Frank Dorrington, the old Supreme Court Building was the last classical building to be built n Singapore.


It was gazetted as a national monument in 1992.  Together with the adjacent City Hall, it was  converted into the National Gallery Singapore, which opened in 2015. 


The Story of the Padang


The Padang, which means field in Malay, is a large open field in front of the Old Supreme Court Building.


Approximately 4.3 ha in size, one end of the Padang is the Singapore Recreation Club and on the other end is the Singapore Cricket Club.  Both clubs have been at the Padang for more than a hundred years.  


The Padang was the venue of many major occasions during the colonial period, including the 1935 jubilee celebrations and the 1945 victory parade to mark the surrender of the Japanese in Singapore at the end of World War II.  


The Padang was also the venue of the inauguration of the first Yang di Pertuan Negara, Yusof Ishak in 1959, when Singapore gained self government. 


The first National Day Parade (NDP), held in 1966, a year after Singapore's separation from Malaysia, was held at the Padang.  Since then, NDP was held at the Padang every year until 1975, when it moved to the old National Stadium.


From 1995, NDP was held at the Padang every 5 years, including SG50, Singapore's Golden Jubilee National Day celebrations in 2015. 


It was gazetted as a national monument in 2019. 



The Story of the Painting


Respected Singapore artist Low Hai Hong experimented painting oil on paper and loved the effects.  Painting oil on paper meant he could leave white spaces, similar to Chinese ink painting and even watercolour painting. 


In this painting, the lightness of oil on paper and the abundance of white spaces give the dignified and stately old Supreme Court Building a tranquil and serene ambience in harmony with the greenery of the Padang. 



Title: Old Supreme Court Building with Padang (1988)
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Paper
Year: 1988
Dimensions (with frame): 56cm x 42cm
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This painting was part of the "This is my Country" art exhibition held at ARTualize art gallery in July to August 2021.


"This is my Country" National Day exhibition continues, with Connaught Drive.


This is my country

This is my flag

This is my future

This is my life

This is my family

These are my friends

We are Singapore, Singaporeans 

- We are Singapore, NDP 1987