Notre-Dam Cathedral

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Notre-Dame Cathedral is a medieval Catholic cathedral in Paris built in the Middle Ages.  This world famous Cathedral is more than 800 years old. 

In this painting by acclaimed Singapore artist Low Hai Hong, the Notre-Dam Cathedral is bathed in a golden glow. 


The gothic architecture of the Cathedral is described with some details, while the trees, the building, the sky, and the lawn are expressed with only a few broad brushstrokes.  


The hardly visible crowd at the foot of the Cathedral is represented by a few specks of white paint. 


It seems that the sun, has placed a spot light on the Notre-Dam.


Do you feel so too?


Title: Notre-Dam Cathedral
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Chinese Rice Paper 
Year: 2001
Dimensions (with frame): 60cm x 70cm
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Learn more about the painting.

Public Viewing


This painting has been exhibited in public only once, in:


"A Tale of Two Rivers - a solo art exhibition by Low Hai Hong" was held at The Fullerton Heritage Gallery, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore from 30 May to 30 July 2014.


The exhibition showcased Low Hai Hong's 18 oil on Chinese rice paper paintings that captured the scenery along the two rivers that he painted most in his artistic journey, the Singapore River in Singapore and the River Seine in Paris, France.


In an interview with the Singapore Chinese newspaper LianHeZaoBao for the exhibition, he explained how he was inspired to paint oil on Chinese rice paper, this unusual and unique blend of West and East art traditions. 


It was in the 1980s and he was in Hong Kong, one of his most favourite cities in the world.  He went to an art exhibition by Zhang Daqian 张大千, one of the best known Chinese artist of the 20th century.  


Awestruck by the expressive splashed-ink landscape Chinese ink paintings by Zhang Daqian, he wanted to capture the same vibrancy and immediacy with oil painting, so he started painting oil on Chinese rice paper. 


In this "A Tale of Two Rivers" art exhibition, she may be much younger than the Notre-Dam Cathedral in the River Seine in Paris, the Clifford Pier in the Singapore River has its own exciting history too. 


Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible - Paul Klee