A Singapore Artist in Paris

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The Singapore artist in Paris.  Low Hai Hong wanted to go to Paris to study art after graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore.  He was 21 years old. 

But his father did not approve of him becoming an artist.  He respected his father dearly and decided to follow his father's wishes, and abandoned the plans for Paris. 

He went into business, doing renovation work.  He didn't give up his brush and canvas, and continued to work hard on his drawings and paintings, squeezing in the time whenever he could.


When he was 33 years old, his father passed away unexpectedly.  He was devastated with the loss of his role model.  Disillusioned, he decided to drop everything and go to Paris to pursue his painting.  


But his mother did not want him to leave her.  He knew he had a duty to his mother and decided once again, to abandon the plans for Paris.


He got married, had children and continued to paint.  But he never forgot about Paris.  


Title: A Singapore Artist in Paris
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Chinese Rice Paper 
Year: 2001
Dimensions (with frame): 54cm x 64cm
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The Letter Home 


From all his overseas travels throughout the years, Low Hai Hong wrote only one letter home.  This was the letter from Paris.  


It was a letter for his family, as much as a letter for himself.  Been in Paris brought about so many feelings and thoughts that he had to write them down, and share with his closest. 


He was overwhelmed with emotions, as he was finally able to realize his dream of painting in Paris.  


Original letter written in Chinese:



Translated in English:

Mother, Hwa, Children: After more than 10 hours of flight, I finally arrived at Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Paris at 6.35 this morning.


The letter from the Singapore artist in Paris continues with The Bridge over the River Seine.


Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - Twyla Tharp