The Stalls at Sungei Road Thieves Market (1988) I

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The Stalls at Sungei Road Thieves Market I shows the end of day at Sungei Road Thieves Market. 


In this painting by influential Singapore artist Low Hai Hong, he continues to make full use of the white space available to him from the paper.  


The shophouses are made visible only by the coloured windows and the door entrances.  Even the humans are broadly sketched and lightly coloured. 


He wanted to show the winding down of the business day, with the thinning crowds and lesser wares, with a light touch, with a few colours, with a few strokes of the brush. 



Title: The Stalls at Sungei Road Thieves Market (1988) I
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Paper
Year: 1988
Dimensions (with frame): 56cm x 42cm
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This painting was part of the "This is my Country" art exhibition held at ARTualize art gallery in July to August 2021.


"This is my Country" National Day exhibition continues, with another view of The Stalls at Sungei Road Thieves Market


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We will get there

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