The Stalls at Chinatown (1988)

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The Stalls at Chinatown is a close up of the Chinatown (1988) painting.


In this painting by renowned Singapore artist Low Hai Hong, the focus is on the roadside stalls in Chinatown.  


The people and the stalls are broadly drawn, identified only by colours and few lines, to show the bustle of the place, a whirlwind of activities.  


White space is left for the shophouses, which becomes the backdrop here. 


Unlike some of the Nanyang artists who draw exquisitely detailed close up paintings of stalls in Chinatown, Low Hai Hong preferred to capture the essence of the busy and noisy roadside, in sweeping brushstrokes. 



Title: The Stalls at Chinatown (1988)
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Paper
Year: 1988
Dimensions (with frame): 56cm x 42cm
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This painting was part of the "This is my Country" art exhibition held at ARTualize art gallery in July to August 2021.


"This is my Country" National Day exhibition continues, with Sungei Road Thieves Market.


There is something down the road that we can strive for

We are told no dream's too bold that we can't try for

There's a spirit in the air

Its a feeling we all share 

We are going to build a better life, for you and me

We can achieve

We can achieve

 - Count on Me Singapore, NDP 1986