The Fullerton Hotel (2009)

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The Fullerton Hotel is a building with a long history in Singapore that is now a five star luxury hotel.


The Story of The Fullerton Hotel


Built in 1928, it was named the The Fullerton Building, after Robert Fullerton, who was the first Governor of the Straits Settlements.  


Commissioned as part of the British colony's centennial celebrations, it was the largest building ever built in Singapore when it was completed.  


The founding tenants include The General Post Office, The Exchange, Singapore Club, the Marine Department and the Import and Export Department.  Subsequent tenants included Economic Development Board and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.


During World War II, The Fullerton Building became the headquarters of the Japanese military administration.


Also known as the General Post Office Building, the General Post Office (Singapore Post) vacated the building in 1996, after 68 years.  


The historical building was gazetted for conservation in 1997 and was also gazetted as Singapore's 71st national monument in 2015. 


Far East Organisation acquired the building in 1997 and converted it into a luxury hotel, after 3 years of careful restoration and extensive renovation.  The Fullerton Hotel was officially opened in 2001. 


The Story of the Painting 


In this painting by respected Singapore artist Low Hai Hong, we can see The Fullerton Hotel and Cavenagh Bridge, with the Singapore River, against a backdrop of Singapore's Central Business District.


The Singapore River and its surroundings is a favourite painting spot for Singapore artists.  They often return to the same spot to paint, but the landscape is always different as Singapore has developed rapidly over the years.


For example, this painting was painted in 2009, after the Marina Barrage was completed in 2008 creating Marina Bay, and closed the Singapore River forever from the open seas. 


For Low Hai Hong, the allure of The Fullerton Hotel, Cavenagh Bridge, the trees along the Singapore River bank, never fails to attract him, no matter how the skyline and environment around them have changed. 


It is a tranquil evening along the Singapore River.  Dusk is approaching.  The Fullerton Hotel and Cavenagh Bridge are lighted up.  It is time to rest and enjoy this beautiful scene in front of us. 


Do you feel so too? 


Title: The Fullerton Hotel (2009)
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Oil on Chinese Rice Paper 
Year: 2009
Dimensions (with frame): 60cm x 70cm
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Learn more about the painting.


Public Viewing


This painting has been exhibited in public only once, in:


"A Tale of Two Rivers - a solo art exhibition by Low Hai Hong" was held at The Fullerton Heritage Gallery, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore from 30 May to 30 July 2014.


The exhibition showcased Low Hai Hong's 18 oil on Chinese rice paper paintings that recorded the history along the two rivers that he painted most in his artistic journey, the Singapore River in Singapore and the River Seine in Paris, France.


In an interview with the Business Times for the exhibition, he described how he tried painting oil rice paper, an unconventional medium, more 30 years ago.  


"A Tale of Two Rivers" art exhibition continues, to the Streets of Paris


Too often the real beauty of life is missed as we submit to the daily grind.  One role of the artist is to observe the beauty that others miss and help them see it. - Gary Lanthrum