Tiong Bahru Arts Centre 21 Anniversary Exhibition 中峇鲁艺术中心画展

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Tiong Bahru Arts Centre 21 Anniversary Art Exhibition Hall

Tiong Bahru Arts Centre 中峇鲁艺术中心, part of Tiong Bahru Community Centre, has a long history.

It has its origins way back from the now defunct Outram Park Art Society.  Outram Park Art Society was started by Mr Ng Woon Teck PBM, current Chairman of the centre, in 1982.  

Outram Park Art Society was a vibrant art society whose ex-members still have fond memories of their art activities during that time. 

Art exhibitions were held at the nearby exhibition hall of The Society of Chinese Artists and long lasting friendships were made over their love for visual arts, whether it is oil painting, watercolour, or Chinese ink painting.

Due to redevelopments in the Outram Park area, Outram Park Art Society was moved to Tiong Bahru Community Centre and eventually became Tiong Bahru Arts Centre in 2001. 

Looking at the photos of the art exhibitions and talks organised by the centre over the two decades in their 20th anniversary souvenir magazine, you will notice many renowned Singapore artists, who had participated in past activities. 

It is heartening to see the community supporting our local artists, and our local artists doing their part for the community.  Chairman Ng Woon Teck and the committee members have to be lauded for making this possible. 

In celebration of its 20th anniversary milestone, the 21st anniversary art exhibition featured artworks by 20 artists in watercolour, oil, acrylic, Chinese ink and Chinese calligraphy. 

The exhibition hall felt like a reunion of old friends, coming together after the two year hiatus from Covid-19. 

Singapore artist Ng Woon Teck with his portrait oil painting

Chairman Ng Woon Teck 黄恩德 shared one of his earlier oil paintings, lamenting that he did not have time to paint more.

Singapore artist Nai Swee Leng with his Chinese ink painting

Visual Arts Committee Advisor Nai Swee Leng 赖瑞龙 talked about the differences in his two Chinese ink paintings, one earlier work and one recent work. 

Singapore artist Poon Ee Way with his Peking Opera watercolour painting

Artist Poon Ee Way 盘如伟 described the inspiration for his Peking opera series, Singapore's oriental version of Edgar Degas's ballerinas. 

May Tiong Bahru Arts Centre continue its good work, connecting the community with the arts and contributing to the arts industry.  

"Tiong Bahru Arts Centre 21st Anniversary Art Exhibition 中峇鲁艺术中心21周年画展" was held from 10 June to 12 June 2022 at Tiong Bahru Community Centre in Singapore. 

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