The Nanyang Salon 南洋沙龙

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The successful completion of the inaugural Nanyang Salon.

The inaugural Nanyang Salon 南洋沙龙 opens this Sunday 8 April 2018 9am at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Campus (80 Bencoolen Street).
A Salon is a gathering of people for an exchange of ideas.  It was invented in Italy in the 16th century and flourished in France in the 17thand 18thcenturies.  The modern day salon continues to thrive in cities around the world. 
The Nanyang Salon aims to be a gathering of people for an exchange of ideas in visual arts in Singapore.  It aims to create a vibrant community for two main groups of people – Singapore artists and art lovers in Singapore. 
For visual arts artists, we envisage the Nanyang Salon to be the place where artists come together to share techniques, discuss ideas and generate inspiration. 
After a formal visual arts education, most artists work alone, with few opportunities for continuous learning. We want to create an open space to enable continuous learning, where artists can find other artists to learn from each other and to learn from senior artists.
We have a group of senior artists who are keen to share their knowledge after years of painting.  This group of second generation Nanyang artists are advancing in their years and they hope to pass on their skills to younger Singapore artists. 

These senior artists have pledged their support and will actively participate in the activities and selflessly share their knowledge. 
We hope that with generous sharing and active learning amongst the artists, we can do our part to lift the visual arts standard in Singapore.  
For art lovers, we envision it to be the place where art lovers can learn more about art, learn more about the visual arts artists in Singapore, and know other art lovers.    
We hope to equip our art lovers with more knowledge about art and visual arts in Singapore. 

We hope to remove the veil and be the place where art lovers think of when they need to look for visual arts artists in Singapore. 

We hope to create a community of art lovers who can share their love for art with each other. 

NAFA President Low Hai Hong at the inaugural Nanyang Salon.

The Nanyang Salon is organized by the NAFA Alumni Association, with strong support from its alma mater, NAFA.  

The program is divided into two parts.  

Part 1, from 9am to 10.30am, will be a formal session where talks on topics such as art appreciation or using colours in oil painting, or demonstrations such as techniques in watercolour or Chinese ink painting, will be held.  

All talks or demonstrations will end with a Q&A session to encourage discussions.  We will try to ensure that talks or demonstrations are carried out in both English and Mandarin.  

Part 2, from 10.30am to 1pm, will be an informal session for interactions between artists.  We hope to create an environment of selfless sharing of skills and mentoring.  

We encourage artists to bring their artworks to seek “advice” from the senior artists whom we will be inviting.

The Nanyang Salon 南洋沙龙 will be held on the Sunday of every second and fourth week of the month from 9am to 1pm at NAFA, 80 Bencoolen Street.  All are welcome to join in this free event. 

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