Remembering Chng Seok Tin 莊心珍 's passion for life

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Chng Seok Tin's mixed media painting titled Floating World

Chng Seok Tin 莊心珍, Singapore’s second generation Nanyang artist, inductee in Singapore's Women's Hall of Fame, Cultural Medallion winner, passed away in 2019. 

This memorial art exhibition, “Chng Seok Tin – Remembrance of a Friend” showcases more than 60 of her works including paintings, prints, and sculptures over 40 years of her artistic journey.

Scattered throughout the exhibtion amongst the works are poignant notes of remembrances of her family, friends and fellow artists.  These notes add a personal touch aptly fitting for a memorial exhibtion, and allows visitors who are new to her, an intimate access to the stories behind her art. 

A note of remembrance to a Singapore artist

There were many beautiful works of paintings and prints in the exhibtion but I was most attracted to the sculptures on display, particularly those of the human figure.

Her sculptures of the human figure were spirited and full of motion.  In fact, they look more alive than many of the real humans on the streets, who looked like lifeless figures glued to their mobile phones. 
These sculptures were a reflection of her own zest for life.  From the remembrances of her friends, we learn that she lived enthusiastically and energetically, in spite of all the curveballs thrown to her, enjoying every moment of her life and never giving up. 

Chng's mixed media sculpture titled Dancer.

She was forging an artistic career as a printmaker when an accident made her lose her sight when she was 42, but she continued to pursue her art passionately until her death at 72. 

When I look at the sculptures, I am reminded of her passion for life.  They are urging me to stand up and dance, to dance to my heart’s content, to dance without regard to what others think, to dance even when it is raining.  For that is the way to live. 

Thank you, Chng Seok Tin, our very own Singapore artist, for leaving behind these precious works of art that captures traces of your life, that encourages us to live our lives as passionately as you had lived yours.
“Chng Seok Tin – Remembrance of a Friend 怀念新加坡文化奖得主 - 荘心珍纪念展” art exhibtion was held from 21 to 29 August 2021 at The Arts House in Singapore.

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