Berthe Morisot, Impressionist

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Berthe Morisot's oil painting titled Hanging the Laundry Out to Dry.

Amongst the Impressionist artists, I love the works of Berthe Morisot.
I love her palette; light and subtle with lots of grey and white. 

Her colours gave her paintings a sense of innocence and serenity, and casted the women in her paintings with youthfulness. 

In her painting “Hanging the Laundry Out to Dry”, the whites in the sheets and the few spots of subdued pink, blue and green that stood out gave the painting a pleasant harmonious calm.   
I love her subjects; she painted what was around her, which changed as she grew from daughter to wife to mother.  It made her paintings feel intimate, comfortable and real. 

“Mud Pie” was one of the many paintings she painted of her daughter Julie Manet.  From the painting, you see a precocious child at play, and feel a mother’s sweet happiness. 
I love her attitude; her sister, whom she started painting with, dropped out of painting when she got married, following conventional customs of that time. 

She, however, never stop painting.  She participated in almost all of the Impressionist art exhibitions, and was recognized as an outstanding artist by her peers. 
Art is gender-less and we should celebrate it for being so. 

A painting is “good” or “bad” regardless of the gender of the artist who painted it.  

A book is “good” or “bad regardless of the gender of the author.  A song is “good” or “bad” regardless of the gender of the lyricist.
Happy International Women’s Day and thank you Berthe Morisot, for standing tall amongst your fellow Impressionists peers.

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