Ang Ah Tee 洪亚弟: Clarity on Cotton

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Ang Ah Tee Clarity on Cotton Exhibition Poster

Second generation Nanyang artist Ang Ah Tee’s latest art exhibition, “Clarity on Cotton”, showcases his newest works.  These works are a continuation from the “new” Ang Ah Tee that was presented in the 2021 art exhibition “Changing Perspectives: The New Thinking”. 


The works for “Clarity on Cotton” were created at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore, which perhaps explains the subtle difference in the feel of these paintings from his other works. 

Acrylic painting of Aberdeen in Hong Kong


He continued to work with his favoured medium of acrylic but this time he experimented with polyester cotton instead of canvas. The works for this exhibition are also smaller, because he was constrained by space during the circuit breaker in Singapore. 


The colours are more muted and subdued as compared to the vibrant colours in his “The New Thinking” series, perhaps reflecting the artist’s pensive state during the pandemic, where one starts to reflect upon life and meaning. 

Acrylic painting of Ho Chi Min city by Singapore artist


The subject matter is his signature landscapes based on his sojourns around the world, but once again he is no longer merely relaying the beauty of the places he saw, but the emotions these places conferred to him as he recalls them, particularly poignant during the pandemic where travelling suddenly seem to be a distant past and unforeseeable future. 


The paintings have a stronger emphasis on brushstrokes, brushstrokes that are expressive and deep, adding to the meditative tone of the works.  He was also experimenting with Chinese ink during this period, which explains these fine touches. 

Acrylic painting of Venice


The final result is a sublime series of paintings that is contemplative and introspective, comforting and soothing.  A perfect response to the pandemic by the masterful artist. 

"Clarity on Cotton" virtual art exhibition by Ang Ah Tee 洪亚弟 runs from 1 to 31 January 2023 here.

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