Auspicious Koi Painting 九鲤图

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"Auspicious Koi Painting 九鲤图" is an artistic fengshui painting by a Singapore artist featuring nine koi fish in a lotus pond. 


In this painting, the koi fishes are lively and colourful, in a deep and calming lotus pond. 


Fengshui Elements of 9 Koi Fish Painting


Koi fish is considered a good luck symbol to the Chinese and 9 koi fishes have many significant meanings.


In a fengshui painting, nine koi fish symbolizes:


  • Good Fortune 吉祥如意 

  • Bountiful Blessings 招财纳福 

  • Prosperity 财源滚滚 

  • Abundance 年年有余 

  • Success 步步高升 

  • Harmony 温馨和谐 

  • Longevity 长长久久

  • Strength  鲤鱼跳龙

  • Happiness 幸福美满


These fengshui elements come from the unique composition of the koi painting:

  • Fish for Abundance 鱼寓意年年有余  

  • Nine for Longevity 九寓意长长久久 

  • Water for Prosperity 水寓意财源滚滚 

  • Lotus Pond for Harmony 荷花寓意温馨和谐

  • Koi for Success and Strength 鲤鱼寓意步步高升与鲤鱼跳龙 

And together, 9 lively and colourful koi fish swimming energetically in a lotus pond for Happiness, Good Fortune and Bountiful Blessings!九条鲤鱼在荷塘里嬉戏寓意幸福美满,吉祥如意,招财纳福!


Artistic Elements of the Auspicious Koi Painting


This is not a typical koi fish fengshui painting, which is usually a traditional Chinese ink painting on paper. 


The "Auspicious Koi Painting" is a modern acrylic painting on canvas, with strong colours, bold strokes and superb techniques.  It is a beautiful piece of fine art. 


It is a mesmerising painting that exudes tranquility, with the dark water pond framed with balmy lotus leaves.  But at the same, the vibrant and richly hued koi fish are so spirited and full of life. 


The koi fishes here seem alive but yet they are not unnaturally photograph-like realistic.  This painting is indeed a masterpiece. 


Famous Singapore artist Low Hai Hong was always intrigued with the koi fish and he painted several paintings of the koi fish, always attempting to capture their energy and grace.


The painting was always a crowd favourite when visitors see it in his house, proudly hanged in the living room. 


So he decided to reproduce it as a limited edition print (the original painting is not for sale) so that everyone can enjoy this meditative and good luck painting in their own homes too.


All about the Auspicious Koi Painting 


Whether it is for good fengshui or simply as an art decor, the "Auspicious Koi Painting" will keep everyone at home, young or old, spell-bound for a very long time.


It also makes a perfect wall art for your office or as a gift to business associates, symbolising all the best wishes for a successful and rewarding business.  


As a thoughtful birthday gift for relatives and friends, the painting will definitely become a crowd favourite in their homes too. 


May the "Auspicious Koi Painting" bring good luck, peace of mind, and happiness to you and your family!


Title: Auspicious Koi Painting 九鲤图
Artist: Low Hai Hong 
Medium: Print on Canvas
Year: 2021
Dimensions with frame: 65 x 45 cm
Frame: Rosewood 


This painting is a fully framed, limited edition, high quality print on artist canvas, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  If you wish to see the painting in person or have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime.  We offer a no-questions-asked, guaranteed-full-refund, returns policy.


So, treat yourself to some beautiful prosperity art today!  And thank you, for supporting our local artists!


Buy Auspicious Koi Painting because you want something:

  • Lively,

  • Peaceful,

  • Koi fish,

  • Auspicious,

  • Fengshui,

  • Because you like it.


What our customers say:


Chai from Hougang

"Worth it to buy!"


Helen from Siglap 

"I have always been a fan of Singapore artist Low Hai Hong.  His paintings are always so beautiful but out of my budget.  When I know he had this affordable print, I had to get it!"


Lim from Macpherson

"This is our good luck painting!  Our business improved after we put up the painting at home but most importantly, we enjoy looking at it everyday and we received many compliments from our guests!"


Cher from Hougang

"To me, this painting is peaceful and calming.  My heart feels at ease whenever I look at it, releasing all my stress for the day.  That's all I ask."


Hoon from Serangoon 

"Buy this painting home and HUAT!"



 A good painting to me has always been like a friend.  It keeps me company, comforts and inspires. - Hedy Lamarr