Slow Looking with Art

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Slow looking with art is part of our signature art wellness programme.


Our Art Wellness programme incorporates art with wellness so that all of us can realize the power of paintings, that magical power of art that provides comfort to the spirit, nourishment to the soul and benefits to our wellbeing.  


What is Slow Looking


Slow looking is part of slow living, a lifestyle that espouses a slower approach in day to day living.  Time is taken to carry out everyday activities at a less hurried, more deliberate and mindful manner. 


Life is about living, about moments, about now.  But most of us are lost in a whirl of countless tasks every day, that we forget what it means to live.  Slow living reminds us to live, to take our time to savour all the things, people and experiences that passes through our day. 


When we do things slowly, we can be more mindful of what we are doing, we can be more present with who we are with, we can be more fully engaged in that moment. 


Slow living can be as simple as eating slower, talking slower, walking slower; doing daily mundane activities at a slower pace.


Slow looking is part of slow living, where we take our time to look at objects slowly and carefully.  And through this observation and examination, we learn and understand more about the objects we are looking at. 


What is Slow Looking with Art


Slow looking with art focuses on the slow looking of art objects, specifically paintings. 


Looking at a painting slowly helps us to learn more about the painting, helps us to appreciate art, but most importantly helps us to learn more about ourselves. Because what we think and feel about a painting can give insights about ourselves, insights that we may not be aware of.


Slowly looking at a painting also helps us to focus our mind onto the painting and lose ourselves into the wonder of the art piece, so that our mind can take a pause from the endless chatter and the incessant worrying, and relax for a period of peaceful meditative bliss. 


Slow Looking with Art 


Slow looking with art leads us to a focused and calm state, to the present moment, to a state of flow.  We believe that this should be part of a continuous practice that is good for everyone.  Hence we have organised it as an easy get together on a regular basis.


Slow Looking with Art

  • happens every Thursday

  • at 1.30pm SGT

  • for 20 minutes 

  • is open to anyone 

  • is free of charge

  • held online via Zoom


Online is indeed not the ideal way of slow looking at art but it is convenient for many.  If you are available, you are welcome to join us at the gallery of course.  Just drop us a message before you come.  


One painting by distinguished Singapore artist Low Hai Hong will be shared in every session.


So every Thursday, we hope you can take a break from work, school or family, and use a bit of your lunch time to slow down, relax and look at some art.  


We will kick off with the first session on 15 April, in conjunction with international Slow Art Day. 


Register here

Sessions in April: 13, 20, 27

Registrations will be open on the first of every month. 

For enquiries, email


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. - Thomas Merton