Aileen Toh 卓雅兰

Metamorphosis By Aileen Toh Exhibition Poster


Aileen Toh graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2008.  She is a committee member of the Sculpture Society (Singapore) and she won the 6th CDL Singapore Sculpture award in 2016. 


“Metamorphosis” is Aileen’s 8th solo exhibition and the use of upcycled wood for the sculptures in this exhibition continues her emphasis on sustainability in her art practice.


Metamorphosis means profound change.  The sculptures on exhibit were created during the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.  It presents the journey of those who fought during the pandemic to overcome their fears, and create profound changes in their mindsets to achieve breakthrough, where they find their wings and soar.


Note: Aileen will be giving a talk "Sculpturing from Nature" at library@orchard on 15Oct 2.30pm.


Metamorphosis exhibition invitation poster


卓雅兰2008年毕业于南洋美术专科学校。现任新加坡雕塑协会理事。作品经常参与新加坡的艺术展览以及国际展。她在2016年第六届CDL Singapore Sculpture 比赛获的大奖。






Wood sculpture titled Noah's Ark by Singapore sculptor Aileen Toh
"Noah's Ark" stops the spread of the virus and searches for the way to survive.  “诺亚方舟” 是防止病毒传播及求生的方式。
Wood sculpture titled Set Sail by Singapore artist Aileen Toh
"Set sail" gets ready to start a new life. “启航” 整装待发,活出新常态。
Wood sculpture of a seat with wings titled care by Aileen Toh

"Care" is a spring that cleanses the soul.  “关爱“ 是一湾清泉,给人心灵的洗涤。


 Watch a short clip of Aileen at work:


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If you want to share your thoughts on the exhibition, or reach out to Aileen or are interested in the sculptures, do contact us.  Thank you for supporting our local artists!


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