Low Hai Hong's Art Journey

Low Hai Hong’s artistic aspirations were high and always demanding on himself.


“I always attempt to discover new perspectives. Every painting must emerge from a new experience although this makes the painting process daunting. Even works within the same series must possess differentiation."


"I am very honest to my work. I don’t manipulate the techniques to achieve superficial attractions. To me, artistic expression in their essence is something beautiful.”


“I believe in painting at the scene. It enables me to capture the fleeting shifts in the passing seconds, the movements and rhythms, the constant changes in the mood."


Honesty in beauty, this is what resonates in the art of Low Hai Hong.



Born in Jambi, Indonesia.



Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Singapore.



Turned full time artist.


1992 - 1999

Made several trips to Sumatra, Java and Bali in Indonesia and also the East Coast of Malaysia. 

His Sumatra and Java collection consists of memories of his early life in Indonesia and his fascination with the Wayang Kulit.

His Bali collection captures the culture of the Balinese with their dancers and processions.

His East Coast of Malaysia collection covers the daily grind of fishermen going to sea.




Spent five months as a resident artist at the NAFA studio at the Cité Internationale des Art in Paris.

Paris was a dream come true for him.  He would visit the masters in the galleries and walk the streets in the day, and paint furiously everything he saw in the night. 

Paris was the breakthrough in his painting odyssey and his Paris collection comprises his most outstanding works.


2003 - 2006

Set up a personal art studio in Malacca.  His first overseas studio gave him serenity and space to work on his paintings post Paris.

His Malaysia collection showcases scenes of old Malacca, Penang and Kuala Lumpur that were fast disappearing.



Visited many museums in New York and Washington over a three week stay in the United States.

It was a zany introduction to the mystifying beat of Modern Impressionism Art, resulting in the New York Collection.



Held his first solo art exhibition, “Images of Paris” at the Alliance Francaise in Singapore. 

Forty oil paintings were exhibited, featuring scenes of Paris painted during his trip there in 2001. 



Held a month-long art exhibition ‘Scenes of Malaysia’ at his art studio in Malacca.

The exhibition was jointly officiated by the Vice Chairman of Malacca Tourism and Cultural Board and Chairman of Malacca Joint Federation.


2007 - 2014

Started to base his work and activities in Shanghai. 

Undertook numerous personal art expeditions to many parts of China, mesmerized by the Chinese scenery and history. 

Staying in China gave him the change of the seasons, prompting him to create impressions of spring, autumn and winter in his China collection.


2010 - 2020

Elected as President of NAFA Alumni Association.



Held a month long solo art exhibition at Song Zhuang Art Gallery in Beijing.

He created a series of paintings in oil on Chinese rice paper in squares for this exhibition.



Held a solo art exhibition, ‘Scenes of Singapore’ at Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore.

The exhibition featured works in oil on canvas and oil on paper of Singapore landscapes in the 1980s.



Held a solo art exhibition ‘A Tale of Two Rivers’ at Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. 

Eighteen oil on Chinese rice paper paintings of the Singapore River and the River Seine in Paris were exhibited; this was the first time he held an exhibition showcasing only oil on Chinese rice paper works.



Held a solo art exhibition, ‘Of Flowers and Trees’ at Lim Hak Tai Gallery at NAFA in Singapore. 

The exhibition featured forty-two oil paintings inspired by his love for nature, with a special series of works based on the Botanic Gardens in Singapore.



Held a solo art exhibition, ‘Passion in Living – Paintings of Indonesia’ at The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries at NAFA in Singapore. 

The exhibition featured fifty paintings, including oil and pastel works.  It was the first time he exhibited his treasured Wayang Kulit paintings.

This was to be his last solo exhibition. 



Low Hai Hong passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his loved ones.  He leaves behind a thousand paintings, his lifetime of work.