The journey to a happier you starts with more art

Sok Leng Sok Leng
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Five reasons why looking at art makes you happier 

Happier you with art 

1. Art makes you see beauty 

Look at the painting below, is it beautiful?

Oil painting titled Flowers in a Green Vase

All of us love looking at beautiful things because they make us feel happy.  It is our natural tendency as a human to appreciate beauty, and this appreciation of beauty brings us feelings of happiness.

Art is one of the most beautiful things on earth, and looking at art makes you feel relaxed, calm and at ease. 

Of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  Some of us may see the same painting and be attracted to it, while some of us may dislike it.  

That is perfectly fine, and that is the beauty of art. 

2. Art makes you less judgemental 

Look at the painting below, what do you feel?  

Oil on paper painting of Connaught Drive in Singapore

Do you feel peaceful or lonely?  Do you feel cheerful or sad? Do you feel it’s a start of another blessed day or the calm before a storm? 

We may be looking at the same painting but all of us have different views and feelings towards it.  This is because all of us are unique – each of us have our own distinctive personalities and diverse life experiences. 

When we realize how people can have such contrasting views from us just from looking at a painting, we become aware that we should not make assumptions and judgements of others.

And when we become less judging of people, we can forgive more easily, live more easily and be happier more easily.

3. Art makes you imagine 

Look at the painting below, where and what do you think it is about?

Oil painting titled Morning Mist which is a scene of boats in a river

Is this in Singapore or somewhere else?  What is the season or time of day?  Why are the boats there?

We can imagine so many stories from this one painting. Imagination has many benefits.  

It makes our life more interesting, increases our creativity, helps us to manage stress, and makes us happy.  

It makes us see possibilities, so that we are not trapped in the limiting restrictions that we unconsciously placed on ourselves. 

Look at more art and let it stimulate your mind to imagine, and dream. 

4. Art makes you feel gratitude 

Look at the painting below, what do you see?

Oil painting of the Marina Bay in Singapore

Life is magical. Beauty is all around us. Yet we are often oblivious to these obvious blessings that we have. 

Artists helps us to see things that we didn’t see, they help us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.  They point out to us, through their art, the small things in life that we are grateful for.  

When we feel gratitude, we become appreciative of what we have, and that simple feeling of satisfaction and meaning is, happiness. 

5. Art makes you lose yourself

Look at the painting below, what do you see of the colours, lines, brushstrokes?

Oil on paper painting of Pulau Ketam fishing village in Malaysia

How was your experience looking at this painting?  Was your mind thinking about work or were you totally engrossed looking at the colours, lines and brushstrokes? 

Our pace of life is so fast and stressful now, that our mind is constantly filled with chatter.  

When we look at art, especially a painting that connects with us deeply, we can be so absorbed that the chatter in our mind stops, and we are simply lost into the painting.  

Our conscious mind becomes a silent emptiness, and our heart is filled with a peaceful happiness.

That is the power of art.

The journey to a happier you starts with more art 

Looking at art makes you happier because it makes you think less, makes you appreciate more, makes you less stressed. It opens your mind, your heart and your soul.

So go forth, look at more art and be a happier you!

PS: If you are wondering about the paintings in the post:

Painting 1: Flowers in a Green vase by Low Hai Hong

Painting 2: Connaught Drive by Low Hai Hong

Painting 3: Morning Mist by Low Hai Hong

Painting 4 : Reflections @ Marina Bay by Low Hai Hong

Painting 5: Pulau Ketam I by Low Hai Hong

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