Our Mission

Paintings calm our troubled minds, comfort our burdened hearts and connect us with our inner self.

ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home.  Our mission is to help people realise the power of paintings.  A man is sitting on a bench looking at the paintings on the wall that are shone with spot light.

Paintings have the power to help us realize ourselves. We believe in this power of paintings and it is our mission to make paintings accessible, and this power available, to all through the renting of paintings. 

Renting paintings enable more people to experience paintings at a lower cost (you don't have to fork out a large sum) with lesser risk (you can change the paintings anytime you want) in their homes (you can enjoy paintings all the time). 

Renting paintings also allow for a shared collective experience as more people can enjoy the same paintings (your friends can rent the paintings that you enjoyed previously).

We hope you can join us in this journey, and you too can realize the power of paintings.