1. How does renting paintings work?


Select the painting you want and proceed to check-out. We will deliver the painting to you and you can hang it up on the wall immediately.

Two weeks before the end of the rental period, we will check with you.

If you want to continue to enjoy the painting, we will extend the rental period.

If you are tired of the painting, we will collect the painting from you at the end of the rental period.

If you want to change to another painting, we will do the change.


2. How long is the rental period for paintings?


The minimum rental period is four weeks. We feel that this is the minimum amount of time needed to fully experience the painting.

If you like the painting, you can extend to more rental periods.


3. What are the costs of renting paintings?


There is only a rental fee.  The rental fee is calculated at 1% of the price of the painting for 1 week.  

No deposit, no insurance charge, no delivery charge. We are absorbing these costs so that you can focus solely on the painting.


4. What happens if the painting is damaged or lost during the art rental period?


We trust that you will treat the painting with as much love and care as we do. But accidents do happen.

If the painting is damaged, please call us immediately so that we can try to save it.

If the painting is lost, please make a police report immediately so that investigations can be carried out. 

Our paintings are irreplaceable; every painting is the only one in the world.  The full price of the painting (as listed on the website) will be charged if the painting is damaged or lost during the rental period. 


5. Can the painting be returned during the art rental period?


If you really hate the painting, you can return it to us within seven working days upon receipt of the painting, and a full refund will be made.  No questions ask.


6. Can renting paintings take place outside of Singapore?

Singapore only.

At this moment, we can only offer paintings for rent in Singapore.


7. Can the rented painting be bought? 


We try not to sell the paintings so that more people can enjoy them. 


8. What are the paintings available for renting?


Our paintings are original oil paintings by renowned Singapore artist Low Hai Hong.  A second generation Nanyang artist, he was taught by Georgette Chen in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.  His paintings are collected by individuals and organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. 

Learn more about him in Our Artist page.