How looking at paintings make me happy

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. A black and white photo of a young Low Hai Hong with his then girlfriend now wife in an art exhibition.


Looking at paintings make me happy.
When I look at a beautiful painting, I am delighted. I surrender myself to its charms, indulging myself as long as I can in its company. 
When I look at a painting that I do not know what is happening, I am amused.  I simply enjoy its strangeness instead of trying to figure out its meaning.
When I look at a painting that is scary or sad, I am glad. I take the opportunity to be grateful for all that I am now. 
When I look at paintings, I look at them with my heart, not with my head.  I take the chance to give myself a break from my busy mind.  With less thinking and more feeling, it seems easier to be happy.
Go forth, look at paintings and be happy!

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