How to Appreciate Paintings #78: Looking at paintings NFTF (Part 2)

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. Singapore artist Low Hai Hong with his friends at his solo art exhibtion of paintings of Indonesia.


NFTF or Non Face To Face, has always been a part of how to appreciate paintings, before it became the only option in these unusual times of Covid 19.  There are many reasons for the important role of NFTF in how we learn to appreciate paintings. 
We will be extremely limited in the appreciation of paintings if we only look at paintings that we can see in person face to face.
The world is big, there are many cultures, every human being is unique in his own life experiences: different artists from different countries create different paintings.  We are able to see paintings from other countries through art fairs held in our country or by traveling overseas to look at paintings by from other artists through exhibitions in their country.  However, how many paintings can we look at in this manner?   
Most exhibitions in museums or galleries or art fairs have normal 9-5 operating hours.  How many paintings can we look at during this short time?  We also do not have enough time to explore and immerse in those paintings that have intrigued and fascinated us.
NFTF allows us to look at paintings produced by artists from around the world through the ages without much effort, time and money.  We can look at as many paintings as we want, for as long as we want, as many times as we want, whenever we want.
How to appreciate paintings?  Non Face to Face, or NFTF, has always been an essential part of how to appreciate paintings; we can look at paintings produced by artists from around the world through the ages with little effort, time and money.
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