How to Appreciate Paintings #7: Enjoy it alone

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. A lady sitting alone on a bench in the art gallery.


When we watch a movie in a cinema, we may be sitting next to our companions but we are really watching the movie alone by ourselves; we are experiencing our thoughts and feelings as the story unfolds, without talking to others until the end of the movie.  Watching movies can be a highly enjoyable personal experience because of the time spent alone with the show.
The same enjoyable personal experience can happen in an art exhibition: walk around the exhibtion by yourself and look at the paintings alone.
Looking at the paintings alone allows you to immerse yourself into the painting more deeply.  You can react to the painting more personally, without worrying what your companions may think.  You can explore the painting more freely, without needing to follow pace of your companions.  You can reflect on the painting more genuinely, without your companions interrupting you with their opinions. 
When you look at a painting alone, you initiate a quiet conversation between you and the painting; a conversation that stimulates your mind and touches your heart.  A highly enjoyable personal experience.
So the next time you visit an art exhibition, politely tell your companions you prefer to walk around by yourself first, before catching up with them later.  Just like in the cinema.    

How to appreciate paintings? Look at paintings alone.

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