How to Appreciate Paintings #68: At the art gallery (Part 7)

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home.  Three guests at looking at oil paintings of Tanah Lot and Procession in Bali at Singapore artist Low Hai Hong's solo exhibition opening.


Let us now look at the paintings at the art gallery. 
There is no right or wrong way to look at paintings but there are of course ways of looking at paintings that increases the appreciation of paintings. 
When we look at a painting hung on a wall, we need to move ourselves in various angles and distances to have a “complete” look of the painting.
Standing directly in front of the painting, at the centre of the painting, at a distance where you can see both the painting’s overview and details, is the “standard” position.  How far we stand from the painting depends on the size of the painting; for a large painting, we need to step further backward while for a small painting, we need to step further forward.   
This adjustment, stepping forward or backward from the painting depending on the size of the painting, is often neglected, when we move from painting to painting.  The paintings in an exhibtion are not always arranged according to size.  Hence paintings of different sizes could be placed next to each other.  When we move from one painting to another, we tend to keep to the same distance from the wall, forgetting that the size of the painting has changed.
Whenever we move to the next painting, we should take note of the size of the painting and adjust the distance to the painting appropriately, so that we are in the “correct” standard position.

From the standard position, we form our first impression of the painting.  We get a sense of what the painting is about by having an overview of the painting with some details.

How to appreciate paintings?  Adjust your distance from the painting according to the size of the painting. 

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