How to Appreciate Paintings #6: Three times before it is out

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. Singapore artist Low Hai Hong discussing his painting on the wall with his friend during his art exhibition in an art gallery in Singapore.


Look at a painting at least three times, before you decide to abandon it for another.
The first time you look at the painting, standing at a distance, you are seeing its overview and forming an overall impression.
The second time you look at the painting, moving closer, you are seeing its details and forming an opinion.
The third time you look at the painting, after reading the title, you are seeing it with new information and forming a decision.
The decision to continue to explore the painting further or move on to another painting.
When we visit an art exhibition, we tend to move from painting to painting briskly, giving the painting one look and quickly deciding if it deserves more attention.  The paintings that are unusual in size or that are more striking in colour or whose subject matter is more familiar to us, usually attract us more. 
While not wrong, this approach limits us in our appreciation of paintings.  We want to give every painting in the exhibition the three looks.  This allows us to open ourselves to paintings that may not strike us normally.  It expands our understanding of different types of paintings, whether we like it or not at first glance.

How to appreciate paintings?  Look at a painting three times before you look at the next painting. 

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