How to Appreciate Paintings #53: What to make of price in an art fair (Part 2)

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. Two big paintings on the wall in Singapore artist Low Hai Hong's art exhibtion at the NAFA art gallery in Singapore.


Art fairs are good for learning how to appreciate paintings. 
Art fairs are meant for the sales of paintings, hence almost all of the paintings in an art fair are priced.  Prices of the paintings are either clearly stated on the tag beside the painting or available upon enquiry with the gallery staff at the booth. 
While the artistic value of a painting plays a part in its price, the price of a painting is also determined by multiple market forces.  A higher priced painting really means its demand is higher; it does not translate equally to a higher artistic value.    
When we are new to the world of paintings and art fairs, we tend to grab on to any information, such as prices, to help us appreciate the paintings. And because we are accustomed to prices in our everyday lives, we tend to over rely on the price of a painting.
Since we are at the art fair to learn how to appreciate paintings and not to make a purchase, we should not focus on the prices of the paintings.  Do not spend the time comparing the artistic value of the paintings by their prices or determining the artistic value of a painting by its price.
Focus on looking at the paintings as we do in a museum exhibtion, without the influence of prices.  Make use of the extra resource that is not available in a museum exhibtion, that is the gallery staff manning the booths in the art fair and ask them questions.  (Read post “How to appreciate paintings #49: what to ask at an art fair”).  
How to appreciate paintings? Ignore the prices of paintings in an art fair so that you can focus on appreciating the painting for what it is. 

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