How to Appreciate Paintings #49: What to ask at an art fair

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. Singapore artist Low Hai Hong doing an interview with a ZaoBao reporter for his art exhibtion in Singapore.


Art fairs are good for learning how to appreciate paintings.
In the previous post “How to appreciate paintings #48: go to an art fair”, we said that one of the fastest way of learning how to appreciate paintings is to listen to a professional.  In an art fair, the gallery staff manning the booths are the professionals that we need to speak to.
When we are at the booth, we should take the preemptive and ask the gallery staff questions, instead of allowing ourselves to be questioned. 
“Can you tell me more about this painting.”  Asking the gallery staff to explain the painting we are looking at enables us to know what makes a painting special and helps us to learn how to talk about paintings.  Listening to how the gallery staff analyze the paintings will slowly make us accustom to the way of talking about paintings, especially the terms used.
“Can you tell me more about the artist.”  Asking the gallery staff to introduce the artist of the painting we are looking at allows us to know more about the artist, how she creates the painting, and what he is inspired by.  We will slowly realize that such information helps us to have a deeper appreciation of the painting.
How to appreciate paintings?  Ask the gallery staff manning the booths at the art fair to tell you more about the painting and the artist.  You will gain a lot of knowledge just by asking these two questions. 

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