How to Appreciate Paintings #45: Should you focus looking at only one type of painting? (Part 2)

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. 4 oil paintings on the wall, all depicting boats on rivers and in ports in Indonesia by Singapore artist Low Hai Hong in NAFA art gallery.


When we are first starting out in this journey of appreciating paintings, we should look at a wider variety of paintings to figure out the type of paintings that we like.  Once we know the type or types of paintings that we like, we can then focus our attention on these types of paintings. 
By focusing our attention on only one type or a few types of paintings, we can learn how to appreciate paintings in a quicker and deeper manner. 
Suppose we decide to focus on Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, because we like his paintings.  We start by looking at his paintings, from images online or in books, since sadly, there are no Van Gogh’s paintings we can view in person in Singapore.
The more Van Gogh’s paintings we look, the more we learn about his paintings: what he paints – landscapes and portraits, and how he paints – bright colours and visible brushstrokes.  The more Van Gogh’s paintings we look, the more we learn about our own preferences in paintings: what we like – colours and landscapes, and what we dislike – portraits and non realistic subjects. 
From looking only at Van Gogh’s paintings, we have also learnt how to appreciate paintings in general; we look out for brushstrokes in other paintings, we note the use of colours in all paintings, we become more confident of our opinions of the paintings we see.
How to appreciate paintings?  Focus your attention on only one or a few types of paintings.  It will be the fastest way to learn how to appreciate paintings.

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