How to Appreciate Paintings #23: Resolution for the New Year

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. Singapore artist Low Hai Hong with a big group of students at the NAFA art gallery during his solo art exhibtion.


New year, new beginnings.
First of all, a grateful thanks to all of you who have been diligently following up on our “How to Appreciate a Painting” series. We hoped that we have been of use to you as you explore the world of paintings.
As the our lives become more and more fast paced with shallowing relationships, we need to slow down and connect more deeply with ourselves.  Looking at paintings help us to do exactly that.
Once you step into a gallery, you are immediately hushed into quietness and calm.  You are forced to slow down and be absorbed into this new environment.  As you stop to look at a painting, your mind and senses are engaged with this curious object that is in front of you.  You are forced to connect with yourself so that you can have an answer to what you are seeing.
In this new year, we wish for you many opportunities to slow down and connect with yourself.  Make it a new year resolution to visit an art exhibition once a month. Simply enjoy the experience; appreciating the paintings can come later.

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