How to Appreciate Paintings #21: The cloud of price

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The label on the wall next to the painting provides us with useful information on the painting.  The information often includes the title, date and medium of the painting, and the name of the artist.  The price of the painting may also be indicated on the label, especially in a commercial environment where the painting is meant to be sold.
While displaying the price of the painting facilities the sales process, it unintentionally affects our appreciation of the painting.
We are used to relying on prices to judge the value of things, which has proven to be an efficient way to maneuver in our complicated lives.  However, the value of a painting to oneself cannot be judged by its price.  Our value of a painting is determined by our response to the painting, by how the painting has touched our hearts, whether negatively or positively.
Knowing the price before we have given the painting our due attention clouds our appreciation of it.
The price of the painting indicated on the label is actually determined by many factors, which may not be attributable to its artistic value.
Therefore, do not let the price of the painting dictate your feelings for it.  Connect with the painting first, before allowing secondary information such as price to enter into the discussion.

How to appreciate paintings? Do not let the price of the painting cloud your appreciation of the painting. 

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