How to Appreciate Paintings #10: Look from the heart

Art exhibition in Singapore. ARTualize is the only art gallery in Singapore that lets you rent paintings for your home. Two men are looking at an oil painting on the wall by Singapore artist Low Hai Hong.


Having knowledge of art history and the techniques of art and knowing the artist and his works will help greatly in the “reading”of a painting and consequently the appreciation of art.
However, the key to art appreciation is available to everyone, with or without knowledge of art.  The key is to look at the painting intently and look at the painting from the heart.
Look at the painting intently to see everything that needs to be seen, then look at the painting from the heart to feel anything that touches you. 
A painting that stirs feelings in you, be it positive feelings such as joy or serenity or negative feelings such as sadness or disgust, has achieved what art is meant to do. 
Art appreciation needs effort.  It needs us to look hard at the painting and listen hard to our hearts.  The result of the appreciation does not really matter.  To be able to form our own opinion of the painting will be useful, but the key outcome to art appreciation is an enjoyment of the very personal experience that comes when our inner self is communicating with the painting.

How to appreciate paintings?  Look at paintings from the heart. 

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